Noah Rose is an artist based between Ireland, Scotland and England.

He studied at Manchester Metropolitan University and has an international practice making multi-disciplinary work, specialising in site-specific sculpture and installation, mainly for public space.  His work is fundamentally interested in investigating the nature of what defines a place, its specific qualities, within its geographical, cultural and socio-historical context.

Working through a variety of media including sculpture, drawing, installation, photography and archival research, his practice is rooted in a passionate desire to understand connections between the past and present, across geopolitical boundaries and different cultural, linguistic, political and other traditions.

At the core of his practice is an exploration of the sense of identity and location within place and connections between peoples across time.  He considers the distinct characteristics of places, peoples and communities, the geographies of memory and the histories of the material and also the intangible – to question what has become the dominant narrative.

He is currently continuing research on the connections between European historical events, displacement and belonging, and working on projects across disciplines that explore the intangible cultural heritage of minority languages, as part of his ongoing part-time PhD research at the Glasgow School of Art.